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The Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition

strives to establish bicycle friendly culture and infrastructure in Saint Paul, Minnesota through thoughtful public participation and a strong network of cyclists, politicians and interested citizens working for positive change.

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City Council To Vote on Bike Plan

Posted 02-03-2015

On February 27, 2015, the Draft Saint Paul Bikeways Plan unanimously passed the Saint Paul Planning Commission. Based on recommendations from the Transportation Committee, 7th street (East and West) and a couple other things were added to the plan. You can download the latest draft of the plan and it’s “Maps and Figures” at

The plan now goes to the Saint Paul City Council for a vote, probably sometime in March or early April. If you haven’t done it already, e-mail your City Council representative and tell them that you support the plan and hope they will approve it. If you are unsure of what City Council Ward you live or work in, check out this handy Ward and District map—

To find your Council Member’s e-mail address, go to  …and click on your council member.

University Avenue Open Streets, Sept 21

Posted 10-09-2014

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, University Avenue will be closed to car traffic between Lexington Parkway and Marion Street. There will be food, vendors, music, dance, games and other activities. Please come by foot or bike. Last year’s event was a lot of fun with hundreds (or even thousands) of people. For more details, see

Support the Saint Paul Bike Plan

Posted 09-03-2014

Saint Paul released its draft Bike Plan. If you haven’t already done so, you can download and read it at—

The heart of the plan is the “Figures and Maps” PDF but there are important descriptions in the text of the plan, particularly the last 10 or 15 pages. The city’s Bike Planner, Reuben Collins wants your comments on the plan— both suggested changes and which new routes you would prioritize for implementation. You can e-mail your comments to him. His e-mail is on the Bike Plan page, and you should CC those comments to your city council member. You can also post remarks on the Open Saint Paul forum, linked to on the Bike Plan page. We are also asking cyclists to attend presentations of the plan in their local districts. These are listed on the plan page but include:

March 10, 7pm, Como (District 10) Council at Historic Como Park Streetcar Station;

March 11, 7pm, Highland (District 15) Transportation Committee, Hillcrest Recreation Center, 1978 Ford Parkway;

March 17, Dayton’s Bluff (District 4), time and location TBD;

March 18, 6:30pm West Side (District 3) at 1 W. Water Street;

March 24, 5pm, Eastview-Conway-Battle-Creek-Highwood Hills (District 1) Community Council Open House, location TBD;

March 24, 6:30pm, Macalester-Groveland (District 14) Transportation Committee, location TBD;

April 8, Frogtown (District 7) Council Board Meeting, time and location TBD.

If you don’t know your Ward and District, you can find them on this handy map at