About Us

Mission Statement

1. Build an Organization to advocate for cyclists, particularly one that can turn people out at important public meetings.

2. Build a coalition with business and neighborhood groups to improve cycling conditions.

3. Improve and implement elements of the Transportation Chapter of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan.

4. Develop advocacy and education tools.


The Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition was founded on April 13, 2010, following the city’s disbanding of the Saint Paul Bicycle Advisory Board (the BAB).

The BAB was established in 1991 and was the first official bicycle advisory board in Minnesota. There was a representative from each of Saint Paul’s 7 wards, a couple of at-large representatives and agency representatives from Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Police, and Planning and Economic Development (PED). The BAB had no budget and all the non-city-agency members were volunteers. BAB met monthly and provided cyclist input on various city projects and issues. As a city-sponsored group, BAB’s role was advisory rather than advocacy.

In 2010, the city established a “Transportation Committee” as part of the Planning Commission. Bicycling and Pedestrian issues became just a subcommittee of this larger body and, in the spring of 2010, the BAB was officially dissolved or put on “indefinite hiatus.”

Members of the BAB and others felt the city needed an independent bicycle advocacy organization and formed the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition. At the moment, we are organized as a chapter of the Minnesota Bicycle Alliance but we may seek our own, independent 501c3 status at some point in the future.

Officers and Voting

The Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition has very minimal voting criteria. A person must have attended two monthly meetings in the previous twelve-month period to be able to vote. It currently has two co-chairs and a secretary. They serve for a term of one year (beginning in September) or longer (if no one else wants the job). The Chairs are the official contact people and voices for the organization. The Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes and maintaining the website. The current co-chairs are Margot Higgins and Ethan Osten.