This past Tuesday evening, SPBC had our 6th meeting at the Oxford/Jimmy Lee Recreation Center. The minutes taker, Matt Cole, is out of town so the following is a just a brief summary.

At the meeting we:

  1. Established very minimal voting criteria for the group so that (in the future) outsiders couldn’t come in and sway a vote. The criteria are you must have attended 2 meetings in the previous 12 month period to be able to vote.

  2. We voted in 3 officers– Andy Singer and Dana de Master as co-chairs and Matt Cole as secretary.

  3. We voted to send a letter to the city council requesting that an engineering study be done as soon as possible to determine if a Greenway bike trail can be built along the CP-Rail alignment and still allow CP room to add a second track. If it can, we then urge the city to get our federal elected officials to either condemn the land or persuade the railroad to allow the trail. We also will request that (in the short term) the city immediately provide bike and pedestrian access to Ayd Mill Road, taking a lane or lanes from automobile traffic. We will draft this letter before the next meeting.

  4. We also had updates on University Avenue, The Parks Department (minimal) Bike Plan, Our Bike Plan, The Saint Paul Greenway and Charles Avenue Bike Boulevard.

If you have questions, comments, action items or items you’d like to see on next month’s agenda, please let me know.

Cindy Zerger sent out an excellent summary of all the possible pedestrian crossing treatments (besides the good old tried and true traffic lights and stop signs). If you’re interested, give it a read–