March 8th, 2011, Oxford/Jimmy Lee Recreation Center

I explained that due to time constraints and recent snafus, I will no longer be attempting to send out detailed minutes of meetings but will just stick to keeping track of who attended and anything that was decided. Cindy Zerger and Ed Lehr said one of them would try to show up to meetings in the future, take minutes, send them out and post them to the website.

We had 14 people at the meeting– Rob Vanassek, Deb Alper, Ed Lehr, Cindy and Todd Zerger, Dana DeMaster, Jeff Zaayer, Steve Clark, Paul Nelson, Matt Cole, Mike Madden, Bonita Warns, Bill Llndeke and me.

We had updates on University (2 vs 4 lane) and Snelling (street rebuilding) and there is some progress on trying to get or maintain bike access on both. For those who are interested, there will be two public hearings on University Avenue related to the NAACP lawsuit and court-mandated supplemental E.I.S. process. The first is Wednesday morning, March 16, 8am at the Lao Family Community of Minnesota, 320 University Avenue West, 2nd floor conference room. The second is Wednesday evening, March 16th at 6pm at Goodwill/Easter Seals, 553 Fairview Avenue North. The Supplemental E.I.S. document that the MET council came up with basically dismisses business concerns about construction (and post construction issues). You can read it on line and also submit your comments in writing at–¬†HYPERLINK

We voted to endorse a proposed paved bike trail, at river level, along the Mississippi near Meeker Dam that will connect with a UMN trail that currently ends in front of Shriner’s Hospital.

We discussed a proposal to oppose additional medians on Marshall and elsewhere where they will degrade or eliminate bicycle access. We currently have a draft that is circulating amongst the meeting participants awaiting editing suggestions.

Dana resigned as co-chair, citing additional, soon-to-be-coming family commitments. A request was issued for a new co-chair (who will probably be voted in at the next meeting). Subsequent to the meeting, Jeff Zaayer expressed interest in the job.

We finished with a presentation by Ed Lehr of a “Bicycle Friendly Cities” preliminary application questionnaire …and a discussion about Saint Paul applying for “Bicycle Friendly City” status from the League of American Bicyclists. This seems like something we’ll pursue, perhaps with the help of Nick Mason (at Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota) and city staff.

Paul Nelson also expressed his desire to widen certain bike lanes and off-road trails.