July 1, 2012, This month’s “No Name Bike Race” will have all it’s stops in Saint Paul. So any of you who have a good knowledge of the city have a shot at winning it. (knowledge of places and the easiest way to get to them is more helpful in this race than brute speed). The race begins at the Father Hennipen Bandshell in Minneapolis. Show up at 6:30pm. Manifests are handed out at 6:45pm Race starts at 7pm. Entry Fee is $5 winner takes all and gets to determine the course for the next one. For more details see–

July 10, 7pm is the next SPBC meeting. We’ll do a West Side Ride, leaving from the Kellogg/river side of City Hall, promptly at 7pm. Councilman Russ Stark will be joining us. We’ll ride over the Wabasha bridge, look at the gap before you get to Caesar Chavez bike lanes, look at other stuff (to be determined) and return on Roberts street. It will be shorter than the last ride to leave a little time for discussion.

July 10, Snelling Avenue Study Task Force is meeting from 1-3pm at Hamline University, East Hall, Room 4, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul. This will be a review of existing conditions and developing and discussing a range of design alternatives.

July 11, Snelling Avenue Design Workshop Summary Session, 4-5:30pm, Hamline University, East Hall, Room 5. Give feedback to the design team.

July 10th, 2012, West Side Ride

a bunch of us went on a West Side ride to check out West Saint Paul. In attendance were: John Kerr, Russ Stark, Matt Cole, Ed Lehr, Phil Moody, Jeff Zaayer, Joshua Houdek and Andy Singer. Chris Budel joined us at the end for food and beverages at Senor Wong. You can see detailed photographs and commentary on the ride on our Facebook page at– 133657969979958&type=3

Andy will be out of town for the next August 14th meeting but rumor has it that Jeff Zaayer will be organizing another exploratory city ride. Contact him for details at— jeffzaayer (at)

August 14, 2012, North End Ride

Jeff Zaayer led a ride thru the North end (Ward 5) and part of Ward 6 on the East end.  Folks met at the parking lot on the NE corner of Lexington and Horton, near the historic street car station.. Partial record of ride is at–