Dream Projects

Prospective Projects

Ayd Mill Road
Add bike/ped accommodations to the existing road and reduce it to 2 or 3 lanes.

Bike Racks
Add racks to Xcel and River centers and other locations in the city

Cedar Avenue
Contra-flow bike lanes on west side of Cedar from Capitol to 10th street

Build a bike/ped bridge north of Pierce Butler and make Chatsworth a bicycle boulevard

Downtown Connection
Close the gap between Summit and Marshall bike routes and Downtown Saint Paul

Fifth and Sixth streets
Put one-way bike lanes on these streets, thru downtown Saint Paul

Ford Parkway
Add bike lanes from Mississippi River to Snelling

Make some combo of these streets into a northern connection from Summit all the way to Como.

Greenway Extension
Extend the Minneapolis Greenway across the Mississippi and into Saint Paul

I-35E Parkway Trail
Improve lighting, signage, pavement and connections for this existing trail

Jackson Street
Put in bicycle accommodations all the way from University to Sycamore Street

Complete Jefferson Bike Boulevard with medians or other crossing treatments at Cleveland and Cretin. Add connection to Sam Morgan and Shepard Road.

Marshall Avenue
Extend bike lanes and other treatments from Snelling to John Ireland and Kellogg Boulevards. Avoid new medians

McKnight Road
Improve crossing of I-94

Pierce Butler
Off-street bike trail from Phalen to Prior, possibly continuing west over rail yards

Route Finding System
Create a uniform system of signs and pavement markings for Saint Paul bike routes

Snelling Avenue
Stripe an up-hill bike lane on Montreal (to Snelling) and lanes on the Snelling bridge from Taylor to Como Avenues as part of MnDOT’s “Mill and Overlay” project

Snow Plowing
Extend winter bike lane and bike path snowplowing pilot project

University Avenue
Current LRT plans kick bicycles off of University Avenue. Following LRT construction, we advocate restoring on-street parking and reducing Snelling to 2 travel lanes with bike lanes