Saint Paul Grand Round

Saint Paul is developing a ring of trails around the city on the model of Minneapolis's Grand Rounds trails, which have been so important to increasing cycling in that city. There have long been trails along the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to downtown Saint Paul, but the city plans to add trails or bike lanes along Johnson and Wheelock Parkways, as well as Como Avenue, Raymond Avenue, and Pelham Boulevard.

The first leg of this project, on Wheelock Parkway from Rice Street to Edgerton Street, was completed in 2016 and it is wonderful. But funding for other parts of this project remains uncertain. In 2017, the city will reconstruct Wheelock from Lake Como to the vicinity of Dale Street with an off-street trail on the south side. 2018 should see the trail extended to Arlington.

2017 will also see implementation of an interim protected bikeway on Pelham Boulevard (and Myrtle Avenue; see map here). This will connect to the new and existing bike lanes on Raymond Avenue. A portion of Wheelock Parkway from Lake Como (Victoria St) to Chatsworth St is also under construction. 2018 will see that trail reach Western Avenue, with a connection to Rice Street expected in 2019.

We urge the city of Saint Paul to prioritize completion of the Grand Rounds as quickly as possible.